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DIGITAL INDIA SMS is leading Bulk SMS Service Provider offering Bulk SMS and Voice Sms in many part of India at most affordable Prices.We can provide DND Open Route only for Election..

Inform your customers Instantly through DIGITAL INDIA SMS Transactional sms is used for information send by bank, financial institute, travel schedule, ticket booking, etc. DIGITALINDIASMS provides you the best services in bulk messages all over India. You can easily manage your clients & customers through Panel provided without sharing any customers mobile numbers with anyone else, this could be an added feature for you. With our wide network you can inform or update your customer in any part of India, instantly and in an uncostly way. Our user friendly panel allows you to send sms easily and easy to access all delivery reports, Schedule SMS, Sender mobile numbers, etc.Our web based SMS panel is fully featured which helps you to reach your customers irrespective of time and place. It is very easy to use our control panel with user friendly UI and Our online messaging platform to send the Transactional SMS, real-time transactional and customized SMS.

Some of the attractive features of our services are
  • Time saving
  • Wide network coverage
  • Instant reach
  • Inexpensive

  • Bulk SMS service is beneficial for you in :
  • New Product launch
  • New Promotional Schemes
  • Engaging Employees
  • Advertisement Campaign
  • Lead Generation for Sales
  • Election Campaigns
  • eCommerce Activities
  • SMS Marketing
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    Looking to Promote your business, services, Product or anything promote it with DIGITALINDIASMS Be at the top of sales by sending promotional sms through the most effective, fast and easy to use panel in a single shot to group of people. Opt for the most affordable promotional sms with the most accessible Panel at “No Cost”. Sending an sms through a panel allows to track records, schedule, delivery reports, etc. The most effective feature of our panel is your clients mobile numbers are only at your panel, no one can see or track them except you..

    You can use our promotional bulk sms services for
  • To promote your Brand, Product or Services
  • For Event promotion
  • Political campaigns
  • Movie promotion
  • Instant offers

  • New product launch
  • No setup Cost
  • Schedule Sms
  • Economical
  • Support Multi language
  • All India GSM + CDMA coveragere
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    Give new horizons to your sms with “VOICE”
  • Support multi languages
  • Scheduled voice campaign
  • Make an additional flavor of human feelings

  • Promote your voice calls & campaigns through these sectors :
  • Political Campaign
  • Lead generation
  • Event notification
  • Service reminders
  • Marketing products & services
  • Meeting alerts
  • Voter registration

  • bulk sms|| cheap sms|| support|| digital india sms||bulk||sms||service||provider send sms||sasta sms||

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